Malmsten Hellberg

Malmsten Hellberg is a design studio founded by Stefania Malmsten and Ulrika Hellberg on the fourth of July 2013. Our competence lies in creative direction and graphic design  for books and magazines, exhibitions, brand identities, films and campaigns.

We get commissions mainly from art and design institutions and companies. But we cater to anyone who thinks that artistic integrity, attention to detail and intuition are important and pay off in the long run. We work with projects we like, often in close collaboration with our clients. We invest in every project we’re involved in. 

We put a lot of work into typographical choices and type design to find unique solutions for every project. We have a long experience of typesetting, paired with an understanding of the latest development in the field. In collaboration with carefully selected specialists from a variety of creative arenas we can also offer exclusive competence in the fields of photography, film, digital media, architecture and text. Our aim is to achieve carefully considered, visually sophisticated solutions that define the present but also hold up over time.

Malmsten Hellberg offers lectures and workshops, read more.